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BMIND is a Data & Tech company that understands the challenges our clients face, proposing the best combination of Data, Tech, Methodology and People to improve their business results.

What we want to achieve

When tools and technology are combined with talent and passion, the result is always one of progress. We know there are better ways to do things while being proud of what we do; it’s something that motivates us.

Our values

With a clear vocation to service, our teams are committed to offering our clients excellence, knowledge and experience that guarantee the achievement of their goals.

Major brand’s business will lie in the hands of independent companies
 because only they have the freedom necessary to create the value demanded by today’s major customers.



Our team is the source of everything that we develop. We’re a group of people who are passionate about what we do and whose main motivation is to grow alongside our clients.

  • Abel López Monedero

    Programmatic Trader Specialist

    Table Football Manager & RTB Bulldozer

  • Adolfo Maceiras Gil

    Head of Traders

    Downhiller Side Persona

  • Alberto Alonso Aldama

    CDTO & CO-founder

    Ping Pong freak & AI Enthusiast

  • Ander Jauregui Dominguez

    Head of Data & Analytics

    Data Tamer, team builder & taco eater

  • Andrés Menchero

    Senior Data & Analytics Consultant

    Traveler, data driven man & food lover

  • Antonio Gutiérrez Zamora

    Senior Trader Specialist

    Junior Geek & Encyclopedia Wannabe

  • César Chico Alonso

    Senior Trader Specialist

    Trader Sick

  • Christian Stoyanov

    Junior Software Developer

    Trying to not break everything

  • Enrique del Olmo

    Head of Strategy

    Passionate Digital lover

  • Felipe Palomo Albacete

    Media Strategist & Consultant

    Travel Lover & Project Manager

  • Gonzalo Galván


    Life & People Lover. Always Moving Forward!!

  • Humberto García Pina

    COO & Co-founder

    Snowboard passionate & Knowledge avid

  • Ignacio Mayoz Fernández

    Account Manager

    Mountain & food lover

  • Ivan Aguado

    Sales Director

    Tennis enthusiast&Ads passionate

  • Jaime García Amorós

    Data Scientist

    Data lover & friend of his friends

  • Jorge Marzal Delgado

    Programmatic Trader Specialist

    1,2,3,5,8,13...Guitar Enthusiast

  • Karim Laazizi Ruiz

    Senior Software Developer

    Developer lover & Junk Food Master

  • Lorena Vargas Fernández

    Office Manager

    Fighter, enthusiast,constant& positive

  • Manuel Vicario Pérez

    Data & Analytics Consultant

    Kaizen Practitioner & Data Analytics Consultant

  • María Benavent Monge

    Senior Trafficker


  • Mario Moraga Arenas

    Programmatic Trader Specialist

    Pixel Manager & After Work Persuasive

  • Marta Álvarez Peinado

    Sales Manager

    Meticulous & Dreamer

  • Miguel Colomer

    Data Operations Manager


  • Miguel Rivas Vázquez

    Data & Analytics Consultant

    Data Addict

  • Silviu Daniel Eftimie

    Senior Software Developer

    A lifelong learner

  • Víctor Colomer Gutiérrez

    Head of Sales

    Managing Expetations Wizard

  • Virginia González Hueso

    Sales Manager

    Perfectionist & Painting lover

"When you’re going to travel a path that nobody has gone down before, all you need to know is if you’re ready for it"

Gonzalo Galván Garrido, BMIND Co-founder

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End to end capability over data life cycle. Ensuring alignment between effort and return building Data & Tech ecosystems adapted to each client requirements impacting on business in a short, mid and long term.


Best of bread technologies on the MarTech & AdTech echosistem tailored to build client solutions